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the Amazon Secret

the brand story

The project startet in 2008 by the Norwegian company Carioca AS, owned by the founders, and an investment company.

The first productions was with the brand name «Guaraná Ice®», and when the current brand name «the Amazon Secret®» was registered, the portfolio (flavors) was expanded to also include the now famous Amazonian fruit Açaí and the Vitamin C bomb fruits Acerola and Camucamu.

7-Eleven in Norway was the first to sell «the Amazon Secret®» (sold 6 times more than RedBull).

In 2016 the brand, and all rights to the products was acquired by a company owned by the founders, sorze4 AS, who is the developer of the natural low calorie sweetener now used in all of the Amazon Secret® products.

The flavors

Today «the Amazon Secret®» is available in 5 flavors. The original 3 Amazonian fruits, Guaraná, Açaí, and Acerola with Camucamu. You can read more about each of these on the product pages.

The flavors are the same, but we removed the sugar and replaced it with sorze4‘s natural sweetener, JustSweet.

the packaging

We can pack «the Amazon Secret®» in different types of containers (all carbonated):

  • Glass bottles
  • PET bottles
  • Alu-cans

«the Amazon Secret®» can also be delivered as an instant beverage (no carbonation)

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