Is the Amazon Secret a natural product?

Yes, it’s made from natural ingredients. If bought as RTD beverage, it contains carbonation (CO2) which is a natural gas. Depending on where it is produced and the production methods, pasteurization or not. If not pasteurized, it will usually contain preservatives.

If powdered, it will be 100% natural, without sugar, and without maltodextrin (present in most spray dried products).

Is the Powdered Amazon Secret without Maltodextrin?

Yes, it’s without Maltodextrin. It is spray dried with JustSweet, a natural prebiotic sweetener, and the fiber in the sweetener do what maltodextrin do for other spray dried products. This means that it’s almost without calories, while other products with maltodextrin is not.

Does the Amazon Secret contain vitamins?

Yes, but not so much if the product is pasteurized. Pasteurized products lose vitamins when heated. If you want a maximum of natural vitamins you should consider the powdered Amazon Secret.

The sweetener used in the Amazon Secret; does it have calories?

Yes, some, but very few. It does have a synergistic effect on the ingredients it is mixed with, so the sweetness is 25 to 50 times sweeter than sugar. It can be anything from 2 to 8 kcal per liter beverage or 1/5th of that if you have a package made for 200 ml of liquid.

The sweetener used in the Amazon Secret; is it natural?

Yes, 100% – It is a mix of extracts from the Stevia plant and a natural pre biotic fiber (not inulin). It does not have the unpleasant stevia flavor. It is not sugar, but it taste like it. More information about it is available on justsweet.com

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