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November 25, 2018

Maximum Blood Sugar Control


The Amazon Secret products are sweetened with a special, 100% natural and prebiotic sweetener developed by the owners of the brand, the company sorze4 AS.

Finding a good alternative to sugar isn’t easy, but when you drink a glass of the Amazon Secret, you would not reflect over the missing sugar. Our sweetener tastes like sugar if used in beverages, and foods.

Drinking the Amazon Secret will not raise your blood sugar. In our experiment where the blood sugar was measured at 5,2 mmol/L before consuming 250 ml of our Limeuaçu, a 50/50 mix of Lime and the Amazonian fruit Cupuaçu. 45 minutes later the Accu-Check Guide showed the same number. No change!

The sweetener in the Amazon Secret is not only low calorie. It’s also prebiotic, which is beneficial for the bacteria in your intestinal system. More important than anything else; it’s biodegradable, unlike many artificial sweeteners.

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