Alone amongst every plant known, Cupuaçu fruit has phytonutrient polyphenols (theograndins). These have a myriad of nutritional benefits. Often called «the pharmacy in a fruit». Vitamins B1, [...]

Pitanga – Brazil Cherry

Pitanga, also called Brazil Cherry mixed with Green Coffee extract, claimed to have a slimming effect that are disputed, but as with all functional sugar free drinks from «the Amazon [...]

Acerola & Camucamu

With the Vitamin C «bombs» Acerola and Camucamu, so rich in vitamin C that we, to follow legislations specifying a maximum content of Vitamin C, had to reduce the content of natural ingredients [...]


They say it’s great for body and heart, that Açaí is good for stress relief… that it detoxifies and cleanses the body… increases stamina and energy… anti-aging. 7 Vitamins, which is more than any [...]


One of our best sellers in 7-Eleven in Norway, selling 6 times more than Red Bull. 1 of 3 available flavors when the Amazon Secret sold more than Coca-Cola in convenience stores on Campus, at the [...]