sorze4 sponsors Tony Fox (MMA Champion)
August 13, 2020
Amazon Secret MMA Edition
January 23, 2021

In connection with sponsoring MMA Champion, Tony Fox,we have created an energy drink that will have what you find in most energy drinks on the market, with the exception of synthetic caffeine. 

There will be plenty of caffeine in the drink, it is expected of an energy-stimulating drink. But in our case it will be natural caffeine. 350 mg/litre, with taurine and B vitamins, this will be a top drink for those who want a kick.

No sugar!

An energy drink without sugar, it may not sound logical. Sugar has a lot of calories and of course helps when the sugar stores in the muscles are to be restored, but one often consumes more than that. 1 gram every day for 4 weeks provides 6 times more of the good gut bacteria!

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