The World's first Picole, Popsicle, 100% natural, made from Amazon Secrets and JustSweet (sugar free)
World’s first Prebiotic Popsicle(?) made from Amazon Secret
January 24, 2018
Instant and Sugar Free
August 4, 2018

Artificial sweeteners are non-biodegradable, are not metabolized, so anyone wanting to preserve and protect the nature, should stay away from any product sweetened with artificial sweeteners like; Sucrolose, Acesulfam K, Aspartame, Cyclamate, and others.

A study that aimed to evaluate possible toxicological risk in the blood, brain, gills, liver and muscle of “Cyprinus Carpio” (fish) with oxidative stress biomarker, show a significant increase in the static LPX, HPC, the PCC (P < 0.05), especially in the gills, brain and muscles, as well as significant changes in the activity of antioxidant enzyme in the gills and muscle.

Artificial sweeteners have an environmental impact on aquatic species and that’s one of the reasons why we will never use them in our Amazon Secret products. In our opinion; JustSweet is a natural, bio-degradable sweetener our body can metabolize, so for us it is a better option. Natural sweeteners, including regular sugar, have no known environmental issues after being consumed by the consumer.


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