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The Amazon Secret


From the Amazonian Rainforest

Healthier products, rich on vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, made from wild harvested Amazonian rainforest superfruits

  • Reason Why to drink Guarana

    When consumed, Guaraná provides a synergistic delivery of many nutritional compounds and trace elements to pleasantly and beneficially affect your total body system. Guaraná increases the metabolism, that helps in the fat burning process in your body.

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  • Natural sweetener in all products

    From 2016 we will not be adding sugar to any of the Amazon Secret functional drinks. Sweetened with the new natural pre biotic sweetener from the Norwegian company sorze4, the mouth feel and the viscosity known from its Amazon Secret predecessors is preserved.

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  • Why natural functional drinks

    Our natural functional drinks are flavored by the almost magic fruits of the Amazonian rainforest. Used by the indigenous people in the forests for thousands of years, with properties made known to the "civilization" only recently. For many a consumption of vitamin rich products may be beneficial.

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