Artificial sweeteners are a toxicological risk for fish

Artificial sweeteners are non-biodegradable, are not metabolized, so anyone wanting to preserve and protect the nature, should stay away from any product sweetened with artificial sweeteners [...]

World’s first Prebiotic Popsicle(?) made from Amazon Secret

The new Amazon Secret’s in powder is more than a beverage. The 100% juice powder, with no sugar added, only with JustSweet as sweetener, can be used for many purposes. We’ve heard; to [...]

The sweetener used in the Amazon Secret; is it natural?

Yes, 100% – It is a mix of extracts from the Stevia plant and a natural pre biotic fiber (not inulin). It does not have the unpleasant stevia flavor. It is not sugar, but it taste like it. [...]

The sweetener used in the Amazon Secret; does it have calories?

Yes, some, but very few. It does have a synergistic effect on the ingredients it is mixed with, so the sweetness is 25 to 50 times sweeter than sugar. It can be anything from 2 to 8 kcal per [...]

Does the Amazon Secret contain vitamins?

Yes, but not so much if the product is pasteurized. Pasteurized products lose vitamins when heated. If you want a maximum of natural vitamins you should consider the powdered Amazon Secret.

Is the Powdered Amazon Secret without Maltodextrin?

Yes, it’s without Maltodextrin. It is spray dried with JustSweet, a natural prebiotic sweetener, and the fiber in the sweetener do what maltodextrin do for other spray dried products. This [...]

First taster in Israel

The patent pending 100% natural pre-biotic sweetener, now named JustSweet™ originally made by the Norwegian company sorze4 AS as a sweetener for “the Amazon Secret® was just a few days ago, [...]

Old news are also news if you haven’t seen them

When test launched in Norway, the Amazon Secret was mentioned in many professional magazines. Now, soon, we will re-launch the Amazon Secret in Norway, but this time, only as sugar free with a [...]

sorze4 to launch a natural calorie free sweetener

Well, almost calorie free. 1 kcal where sugar have 45 if sweetness is compared. This is the sweetener we use in the Amazon Secret. Just Sweet (Prebiotic-Rich on Fiber)



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