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August 4, 2018
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November 25, 2018

Thank you for protecting wildlife and nature!

We got this nice Email from WWF today!

Amazing people like you are at the heart of our work to protect nature. We can’t survive without nature, and nature can’t survive without us. That’s why we’re so grateful to have you by our side as a supporter and a champion for nature.

This year—thanks to you—we can celebrate wins, such as

  • speaking up to help pass a bill that will tackle trash in our oceans
  • collaborating with lobster fishermen in The Bahamas to meet the leading environmental standard for fishing
  • utilizing technology to track Amazon river dolphins for the first time
  • building elevated refuges to help rhinos in Nepal cope with extreme flooding due to changes in weather and climate

Please enjoy this video sent to us from WWF, made to celebrate your support.

When people come together to protect nature, we protect life on our planet for generations to come. When you “Like” our Facebook page, or follow our Twitter page, it inspires us to an extra effort when it comes to saving our nature. So, all thanks to you who buy our products, or follow us on one of the social media platforms.

If you want to help more, please visit WWF’s web-site:

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