World’s first Prebiotic Popsicle(?) made from Amazon Secret

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The World's first Picole, Popsikle, 100% natural, made from Amazon Secrets and JustSweet (sugar free)

The World’s first Picole, Popsikle, 100% natural, made from Amazon Secrets and JustSweet (sugar free)

The new Amazon Secret’s in powder is more than a beverage. The 100% juice powder, with no sugar added, only with JustSweet as sweetener, can be used for many purposes. We’ve heard; to flavor butter used as fish sauce, in salads as a spice, In yogurts and to sprinkle soft ice. Now they made the first Popsicle in a Brazilian plant who have close to 100 fruit flavors.

No added sugar!

Popsicles have, until now, more or less always had sugar, and often a lot of sugar. Of course with the sugar comes the calories. With JustSweet as we use in all of “the Amazon Secret” products now, there are very few calories coming from the prebiotic fiber, 40 times less than sugar, which for this popsicle would mean 2 kcal.

Prebiotic Popsicle

We don’t know if it exist anywhere else. For sure the Popsicle from Frutos do Brasil is the first made from “the Amazon Secret” and we believe that it is the World’s first Prebiotic Popsicle. Who saw that coming one year ago?

For more information about our high-intensity sweetness, low-calorie, natural and prebiotic sweetener, developed for the Amazon Secret some years ago, visit the site:


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